"Two weeks of fully-supported cycling through the best of Southern China's epic scenery and fascinating minority cultures.  Get off the beaten track and deep into the local heartland of the Dong and Miao minority hill-people."

Our Hidden Hill Tribes tour is one of our longest running and most popular China cycling tours – and for good reason. As the first to run bike tours in this region, Bike Asia picked up National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s Best New Outfitted Trips way back in 2007 for this itinerary (then named Riding the Rising Giant) and it’s still remains one of our favourites.  In fact, we think it has gotten better!  Starting in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, this 14 day guided ride wends its way south through the mountainous Dong and Miao ethnic minority regions passing the centres of Rongjiang and Zhaoxing where you'll see drum towers, water wheels and "wind and rain bridges".  We dip into Hunan Province to visit the spectacular red sandstone formations at Wan Fo Shan National Park before scling the dizzy heights and pastures of Nanshan Mountain over 200m above sea level.  Crossing the border into Guangxi Province brings us into the regional centres of Longsheng, made famous by the spectacular Longji Titian, the 600 year old Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, and Guilin before heading along the Li River with it's stupendous overhanging karst mountains.  The tour ends in Yangshuo, famous for it's laid back scene and world class rock climbing, boasting scenery that is straight out of a story book.
Dozens of minority groups still live out rural folkways that have remained remarkably intact over many hundreds of years despite the extraordinary recent changes. This region is relatively untouched by tourism outside of the main sights and provides a rare opportunity to see local life without the effects of mass tourism. The local people you will meet are extremely curious, friendly and generous so you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact.  It’s a fully supported ride, open to anyone who dreams of seeing the old China that still forms an important and fascinating part in the unfolding story of Modern China.

Getting There & Away

This trip starts in Guiyang (Airport Code KWE), the capital of Guizhou Province. It is a limited international airport which means that you may have to fly into Guiyang from one of the other major cities/airports in China. Examples are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Guilin all from which there are many flights every day.

The trip finishes in the town of Yangshuo. It is 85 kilometres (one hour) from Guilin International Airport (KWL) by car. Guilin is an international airport with connecting flights to most destinations throughout China and several international cities including Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka, Singapore and Bangkok. 

To check flight details, time and cost we can recommend Ctrip: https://au.trip.com/?language=EN&locale=en_au  It is in English, reliable, and you can pay for these flights by credit card. If more convenient you can also book domestic China flights through us (a small service charge applies per ticket) at competitive rates. Just let us know when you book.

Trains and buses to Guilin are available from almost anywhere in China. New high speed trains are a great option too with many connections throughout China to both Guilin and Yangshuo station.  Let us know if you need advice if travelling this way. 


Airport/ train station pick ups and drop offs are included in the tour price.  Please make sure you give us details of your arrival and departure, including flight details, date and time, so we can arrange your transfers.

Tour Info Pack

Once we have recieved your booking and deposit we'll send you a Tour INFO PACK that will include tour notes, training tips, preparation info and joining point instructions.  If you have any questions about the tour at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

Further Info

For additional information regarding guides, accommodation and sleeping arrangements, cycling grades, food, bikes, etc you can head over to our About section to see more about how we run our tours.

Additional Accommodation

Arriving early or want to stay on after the tour ends? No problem!  Just let us know if you'd like to book extra accommodation in the tour hotel at either the start or finish of the tour and we will arrange it for you.  Just include your request on the booking form.


“I wanted to do a cycling tour through a rural and scenic part of China while also experiencing the people and culture. This was perfect. Experiencing that part of China on a bicycle was a really cool thing. Before the trip started I worried a little about signing up for a two- week trip without knowing all that much about what it'd be like, and without having ever been to Asia or on a bike tour before. But when I got back I was ready to fly back and do it all again. It really was fantastic. The thing I was most worried about was riding in traffic, and potentially getting hit by a car in a place where I don't really want to be injured. As a result, I really appreciated all the effort that must have gone into finding the routes that we took, where there were almost no cars and very few motorbikes (none of which went fast), and thus no danger from other vehicles. Also, sitting up on top of that little mountain in XingPing, overlooking the mountains as the sun set. That was surreal. ”  Mark Hoekstra, USA.

“Truly AMAZING trip, wonderful scenery (mountains, villages rives and country side) and riding was fantastic. A very organized, well lead and supported tour. Trip had a bit for everyone, hills, off road and nice smooth roads. The guides and support crew did a fantastic job (well beyond what was required). I loved it and as a lazy office worker, the fitness level was not and issue. Would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Will defiantly be planning another bike tour with Bike Asia. Great job to all the team!!! ”  Justin Page, Australia

“From the start, an amazing experience. Wonderful people helping out via email, efficient with time and details both before and during the trip, unparalleled views every day; the riding was challenging, just as I wanted it.” – Allison Murray, USA

“The food was awesome!! I’ve a greater appreciation for ‘real Chinese food’! Plenty of it, very tasty and very fresh. A highlight of the trip for me.”  Roberta Brill, UK

“Seeing how the minority people live and the unbelievable scenery.”  Anthony Craze, Australia

“Brilliant tour, I will be back and am looking forward to seeing your new ventures.” – Karley Snape, Australia

“Great off the beaten path experience... Thanks for showing China in such a great way!!”  Anne Kluznik, USA

“FT [local guide] was the MAN! He was absolutely GREAT! I learned a lot from him and he was so generous! FT added a lot to our trip.”  David Hart, USA

“I have never had such great meals on my trips!”  Reggie Voll, USA